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Find one's position again in relation to one's surroundings

Our (re) Orient experiential sessions provide you the instruments to manage your reintegration journey. You’ll be primed to make deliberate choices for what's next in your personal journey while acknowledging the meaning of your service.


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Recognize the aspects of your identity that you'd like to take with you, and those that may no longer be serving you.


Identify where you are by unpacking your service experience.


Develop a plan for integrating what you learn into your work and life.


Build a community of support by helping and receiving help from others going through a similar experience.

Session Objectives


4 hours

cohort size
Executive Coaching


Why (re) orient?

The lasting impact of your service identity can make it difficult to successfully integrate as a civilian.

Even after starting your first job out of the military, you might not feel at ease in your new environment.

You feel like you lost a community of people that “understood” what it was like.

The pace of life and work don’t match your expectations

You identify with group values, but your environment rewards individual achievement

The memories of the past have more weight than your present

You hide your military identity at work to fit in

You feel as if your time in service is under-appreciated

You're in the middle of figuring out a sense of purpose

You jumped into new work without testing it for values alignment

You’re performing & getting compensated well yet something still feels off

  • Is this program only in-person?
    Throughout the three months, the entire Cohort will come together in-person twice for 3-day conference style sessions at the beginning (Session I) and end (Session II) of the program. In between both sessions, program members will be regularly enrolled in coursework they are expected to complete on time throughout the program duration. Participants will also engage in weekly virtual connection/learning opportunities via “huddle spaces” or live training events. Beneath the Service will cover the cost of transportation, hotel accommodations and most meals during our in-person sessions.
  • Who should apply?
    (1) You are a self-identifying woman with military service under your belt, motivated to become a leader, and are ready to take on a new challenge. (2) Able to commit to approximately 3-5 hours per week over five months, including two 3-day virtual conference-style sessions. (3) Comfortable actively engaging in a virtual learning environment.
  • What are the costs?
    Program: On average, the value of the program per participant is $12,500. Thanks to our generous donors and partners, these programs are available at no direct cost to our veterans as an investment in your leadership. As a nonprofit, Beneath the Service’s free programs require the responsible use of donor funds. We urge applicants to ensure their commitment and ability to fulfill time and travel requirements before applying. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to apply in the future, leaving the current opportunity open for another veteran.
  • Is this only for former military service members?
    We invite military veterans, spouses, and veteran allies to our sessions because we understand that transitions are a part of life and impact everyone.The varying perspectives and experiences from all walks of life are what make these sessions memorable for everyone.
  • Why should I participate?
    Our program is practical and applicable to any domain of your life. It will challenge you to confront the areas of your life that could use more attention, and ask that you develop a plan to address them. You’ll also get connected with people you might not have the chance to encounter anywhere else.
  • What is the ideal timing to attend a workshop?
    We're here for wherever you are. Feel free to attend when you feel the timing is right for you, especially if you're feeling "stuck" at work, or need a reset. We understand that change happens but transition takes time - even if you've been removed from the military for more than a year, we invite you to attend. We have had participants from all eras of service attend, and walk away with tangible next steps.

What participants say

- Marine Veteran

"The identity work helped me

define myself and my future self.

he exercises helped me hone in on the identities that were most meaningful to me."

"This session highlighted that I should be

spending more time in places that I think are more important.

My hope for joining even before attending was to initiate a behavior change. This helped to kickstart that process - gave me a sense of prioritization and purpose. "

- Army Veteran

"Everyone left with newfound networking contacts,

but most of all, we left with a new community​

of friends that risked vulnerability with strangers to refine our own personal authenticity."

- Military Veteran Ally

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