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Volunteer with us

Whether you served in the military or not, we have a place for your talents to make an impact

Take action today, and leave a lasting impression

Identity work affects everyone, and is a part of life.

From facilitating sessions to coaching to program support

Ways to get involved

Show off your talents

Looking to apply your talents in a new setting while having an impact on the lives of others?


Donate the hours that you can & apply your skills, whether that be in project management, communications, social media, finance, and more!

Session Facilitation

As we expand our national footprint, we need skilled public speakers and facilitators to bring our work to cities across the U.S.


Attend our virtual facilitation skills course and a (re) Orient session to earn your certification.


On your way to earning a coaching certification and need client hours? Consider our program coachees!


If you’re a certified coach and looking to donate pro-bono hours to help others, sign up below.

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