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Women Veterans

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Beneath the Service is thrilled to be the new steward of WVLP, following the strategic transition of the program from
The Mission Continues. Join us in continuing to grow and serve the evolving needs of women veterans.


Help change the narrative on what it means to be a woman veteran by leveraging your leadership skills and authentic self.


of overall veteran population is made up of women


of women veterans reported experiencing transition difficulties compared to 51% of men
Maury et al., 2020


of US the active duty force are women 

US. Department of Defense, 2021

Women Veteran Unique Reintegration Challenges

Social Connection

Feeling disconnected from old friends, difficulty in connecting with civilian peers, and avoiding certain social situations

Sense of Loss 

Feeling a loss of identity, purpose, direction and a sense of community

Inaccessible Support Services

Specific support services, including mental health and fertility, are still difficult to access or have cumbersome processes

Service Before Self

Innate leadership tendency to serve others makes it hard to ask for and accept help

Feeling Undervalued and Unrecognized

Overcoming social barriers of making meaningful connections but having to downplay veteran identity

Self-Reflection and Discovery

Limited outlets for processing the emotions and identity during reintegration

By the end of this one-of-a-kind program, cohort members will have made lifelong friends and lasting connections with other women veterans.

in-person & virtual learning

3 months

7 in-person days

cohort size
  • ​Be on the look out for the application window to open in November, 2024. You’ll fill out a form to verify your eligibility and be invited to complete the WVLP program application.

    • Self-identify as a woman

    • U.S. military veteran from all branches or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves

    • Completed at least one year of military service 

  • Key Topics -

    Identity -

    1. Discover the power of your unique identities and how they can be leveraged as assets to your leadership.

    2. Foster your inclusive leadership skills by listening and learning from individuals with diverse identities, experiences and backgrounds

    3. Improve your self-efficacy and ability to remain resilient in the face of adversity

    Purpose -

    1. Assess your preferences across different domains of work and life

    2. Engage in community service opportunities to demonstrate your ability to affect positive change

    3. Audit your current habits and develop a plan to make changes

    Connection -

    1. Build authentic relationships with other women veterans and program leaders

    2. Develop practical skills for networking

    3. Explore ways to support others and be supported

  • ​Be on the look out for the application window to open in November, 2024. You’ll fill out a form to verify your eligibility and be invited to complete the WVLP program application.

What program graduates say

- WVLP Cohort 6 Participant

"This program has given me the opportunity to

find myself, grow, build relationships, and self-heal.

That was something I didn't know I needed till I met these amazing women and went through the program.."

- WVLP Cohort 6 Participant

"The most profound impact of this program has been on my ability to

lead with greater empathy, resilience, and authenticity.

I've learned to balance the demands of entrepreneurship, family, and community service while staying true to my values.

- WVLP Cohort 5 Participant

"The connections I made

with other women veterans

has taken me from a place of isolation to a place of community"

Help us support women veterans’ development!

  • Is this program only in-person?
    Throughout the three months, the entire Cohort will come together in-person twice for 3-day conference style sessions at the beginning (Session I) and end (Session II) of the program. In between both sessions, program members will be regularly enrolled in coursework they are expected to complete on time throughout the program duration. Participants will also engage in weekly virtual connection/learning opportunities via “huddle spaces” or live training events. Beneath the Service will cover the cost of transportation, hotel accommodations and most meals during our in-person sessions.
  • Who should apply?
    (1) You are a self-identifying woman with military service under your belt, motivated to become a leader, and are ready to take on a new challenge. (2) Able to commit to approximately 3-5 hours per week over five months, including two 3-day virtual conference-style sessions. (3) Comfortable actively engaging in a virtual learning environment.
  • What are the costs?
    Program: On average, the value of the program per participant is $12,500. Thanks to our generous donors and partners, these programs are available at no direct cost to our veterans as an investment in your leadership. As a nonprofit, Beneath the Service’s free programs require the responsible use of donor funds. We urge applicants to ensure their commitment and ability to fulfill time and travel requirements before applying. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to apply in the future, leaving the current opportunity open for another veteran.
  • Is this only for former military service members?
    We invite military veterans, spouses, and veteran allies to our sessions because we understand that transitions are a part of life and impact everyone.The varying perspectives and experiences from all walks of life are what make these sessions memorable for everyone.
  • Why should I participate?
    Our program is practical and applicable to any domain of your life. It will challenge you to confront the areas of your life that could use more attention, and ask that you develop a plan to address them. You’ll also get connected with people you might not have the chance to encounter anywhere else.
  • What is the ideal timing to attend a workshop?
    We're here for wherever you are. Feel free to attend when you feel the timing is right for you, especially if you're feeling "stuck" at work, or need a reset. We understand that change happens but transition takes time - even if you've been removed from the military for more than a year, we invite you to attend. We have had participants from all eras of service attend, and walk away with tangible next steps.
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